PLEASE NOTE…colour codes at a Bike Park are MORE technical than colour codes at a Trail Centre. For example, a Green trail at a Bike Park is equal to a Blue trail at a Trail Centre and a Blue trail at a Bike Park is equal to a Red trail at a Trail Centre and so on…

Pump Track

All Levels

The Pump Track is the largest Pump Track in Ireland and an absolute must to try out (also described as a BMX track or Skills Track, all of which are correct too). It’s a brilliant place to practice your skills, balance and control on a bike. Children and adults can spend hours on it. You don’t need a specialised bike for this track, just one that is road worthy but you will get the most out of the track on a BMX bike

Uplift Road

This road is especially for the Uplift Service/Army Truck to transport people and bikes to the top of the trails. This is our ski lift! The uplift service operates approx 4 times per hour on uplift days and it is the only Bike Park in Ireland that has this service. You can cycle up a hill somewhere else tomorrow, today just sit back and we’ll do the uphill bit for you!

Green Trail


The Green trail is a 2km descent, ideal for families and beginners of all ages from 6yrs+, but don’t be fooled by the word “beginners” because like all trails – the faster you go the more technical it becomes. It’s a lovely trail and has lots of gentle slopes and meandering bends around features and trees. The surface is hard core gravel from start to finish. Any type of mountain bike is suitable for this trail. (All weather trail)

Blue Teaser Section

On Green Trail

Once you have tried the Green trail as often as you need to, you can test out the Blue teaser section on the Green trail before you decide to go down the Blue trail. (All weather trail)

Blue Trail


The Blue trail is becoming a really popular trail as its offers a great variety of fun with lots of little technical sections to enhance your skills. You will enjoy it on a hardtail* bike but it is quite bumpy and much more enjoyable on a full suspension bike. (All weather trail)

Blue Jumps Trail


The Blue Jumps Trail, also known as a “Free Ride Trail”, is now the most popular trail here. It features a series of progressive table tops and rollers as well as smooth flowing berms (bends) to carve. The table tops are designed that you will naturally roll over them when you go at a slow pace and you will need to build up a bit of speed if  you want to start practising getting a bit of air!! Its approx 1.2km long. (All weather trail).

Red Jumps Trail


The Red Jumps Trail, also known as a “Free Ride Trail”, has loads of big berms drops and table tops from start to finish. It’s the trail for experienced riders wanting to get some airtime. This trail is very unforgiving on a hardtail* bike. A full suspension or Downhill bike is much better suited for this trail. Approx 1km long. (All weather trail)

Black Trail 1


Single track, with lots of off-camber roots sections and drops. A full suspension Downhill bike is the best suited for this trail.

Black Trail 2


Single track, with lots of off-camber roots sections, rock gardens and drops with roll-arounds. It’s fast and flowing and is still regarded as one of the favorite tracks here. A full suspension Downhill bike is the best suited for this trail.

Black Trail 3

Expert, with a purple road gap jump

Tough, steep berms, rock gardens, drops and a road gap. It will get your heart racing. A full suspension Downhill bike is the best suited for this trail.

Enduro Climb

The Enduro Climb trail is a 2km climb to the start of all the downhill trails. It’s a single track with hard core surface all the way to the top. It takes 15-20 minutes (20-30 minutes with children) to cycle the climb and you will be well rewarded for the effort as the views from the top are spectacular. It is quite a challenge for young children and is ideally suited for 8 year olds and upwards.

*Hardtail = A mountain bike with suspension in front only.